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About This Project


Kenaidan was awarded the contract for the refurbishment of the Waterways Ireland Visitors Centre, located at Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 4.


One of the main elements of the project involved the entire replacement of all of the existing flat roof finishes, including new associated drainage. The existing flat roof finishes consisted of timber decking built on an asphalt roofing layer on the existing precast concrete roof slabs. The new roofing build-up comprises of built-up membranes and insulation, finished with concrete paving slabs.


The other main element of the project was the upgrading of the external facades of the building. These had failed and an extensive upgrading was carried out involving the replacement of curtain wall glazing, removal of existing rubber gaskets, new seals throughout all facades and cleaning of all cladding to the building. Other works included improvements to various elements to upgrade them to current fire and building regulations, such as infilling hand-railings with perforated sheets & glazing, the addition of double escape doors to existing curtain walling, upgrading internal doors and general improvements to make it more compliant.


As the building is located in the canal with a limited walkway, and surrounded by water on four sides, all works to the external facades had to be carried out by way of a hoist which was located on the roof and hung out over the building. The location of the site proved to be the main challenge, in the heart of Dublin city business district, with limited parking, along with the confines of the building itself.



Waterways Ireland

Design Team

Waterways Ireland Design

Project Value

Category 2: €100,000 To €1,000,000


November 2010

Civil, Coastal & Marine